Vancouver Boat Show:

This past week, we joined Boating BC at the Vancouver Boat Show to raise awareness about the DMP and Land Act amendments. Our team was equipped with a handout for distribution to thousands of members of the public.

WPC gave a presentation to the members of Boating BC at their AGM to spread awareness about the DMP. We sincerely appreciate their invaluable support.

Letters to Chief Joe and Hon. Minister Cullen

This week WPC sent letters to Chief (lhe hiwus) Lenora Joe of the shíshálh Nation and Hon. Nathan Cullen, Minister of Water, Land and Resource Stewardship requesting direct engagement and asking Mr. Cullen to further extend the comment period to September 30, 2024.

Read our Letter to the Minister here.

Virtual Forum Preparation

We are working towards putting together our first Virtual Forum. We will provide more information once the date, agenda and speaker list have been finalized.

News & Media

We are constantly updating our News and Media page with the most up to date stories about the DMP and Land Act amendments. We encourage you to check out the Media section of our website to read the latest stories.

News & Media
Here you will find media and political coverage relevant to the DMP. Please note that the opinions expressed on this page may differ from those of the WPC, but our goal is to ensure the general public is aware of all news and events, as they unfold. Media Coverage: WPC

Shout out to our friends at PHARA for talking to GlobalTV and taking them around Pender Harbour this week.

Dispute brewing over changes to private dock management on Sunshine Coast - BC |
A new dock management plan for areas in the shíshálh Nation’s traditionally territory is facing backlash from some Sunshine Coast residents.

How you can help

 1. Submit Your feedback on the Dock Management Plan:

Deadline: February 16th, 2024.
Government Comment Portal: here
Send a copy to:,, YOUR MLA, YOUR MP
Letter Templates/How To can be found here.

 2. Submit feedback on the proposed Land Act Amendments

Land Act Government site with instructions here with a deadline of March 31st, 2024
Email: and
Send a copy to:, YOUR MLA, YOUR MP
Letters can’t be templated so it has to come from the heart!

 3. Donate and become a member of WPC:

Thanks for your support and generous donations. We are so encouraged by our community. You have energized all of us and we will continue working hard on this issue for everyone.