Who We Are

The Waterfront Protection Coalition (WPC) is a collective effort that includes representation from residents and businesses from Sechelt, Pender Harbour, Halfmoon Bay, Secret Cove, Sunshine Coast , Ruby Lake, Sakinaw Lake, North Lake, and other surrounding lakes, Sunshine Coast Co-op and Strata Corps, Sunshine Coast Realtors, all the Islands including: Bowen Island, Nelson Island, Hardy Island, Junction Island, Gambier Island, Pasley Island, Keats Island, Egmont, Discovery Islands (Quadra, Cortes, Outer Islands, Sonora Island, Stuart Island, Maurelle Island, Read Island, Raza Island, East and West Redonda Island, Central Coast, The Gulf Islands, surrounding areas, and the Waterfront Communities of the Okanagan! Our combined coalition currently represents thousands of constituents potentially affected by the proposed dock management plan by the Ministry of Water, Land and Resource Stewardship of British Columbia and our goal is to be the advocate for all waterfront communities in Canada who face similar unfair legislation without representation.

Our Board

Our board is comprised of experienced professionals, community members, and advocates who bring diverse expertise and perspectives to the table, driving towards our stated mission. Our team, governed by our code of conduct, aims to ensure that every decision is informed, balanced, and reflective of our community's values and needs.

  • Denise Brynelsen - President
  • Bruce McLeod - Vice President 
  • Brandon Mennear - Treasurer 
  • Jim Case - Secretary
  • Tracy Laninga - Director

Our Mission

Building Relationships with First Nations: Help establish respectful, long-term relationships with First Nations communities invested in the stewardship of our foreshore. Your support enables collaboration on initiatives that honor cultural heritage and environmental sustainability.

Preserving Marine & Aquatic Assets: Ensure your support contributes to the protection of our cherished marine environments and against the potential negative impacts of the DMP and other similar legislation.

Strengthening Community Bonds: Join us in fostering a united front that transcends individual interests. Together, we amplify our voices to advocate for fair representation and environmentally sound practices.

Engaging the Wider Community: Your contribution fuels community engagement through awareness campaigns, educational programs, and collaborative projects that promote responsible marine practices.

Advocacy for Fair Representation: Support our efforts to advocate for fair representation of marine communities in legislative and governance processes. Your contribution emphasizes the importance of local perspectives in decision-making.

Environmental Stewardship: Be a part of promoting and supporting scientifically verifiable and environmentally sound practices in all facets of marine activities – from dock building to boating.

Collaborating for Solutions: Contribute to a platform that encourages dialogue and collaboration among diverse stakeholders. Together, we identify and implement practical, effective, and sustainable solutions to challenges affecting marine communities.

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct
Waterfront Protection Coalition Foundation Purpose Waterfront Protection Coalition Foundation (the “We” or the “Coalition”) is committed to creating and fostering an inclusive and respectful community environment, where everyone, including all members of Indigenous communities, are treated with respect and dignity. We developed this Code of Conduct (“Code”) with the objective

Waterfront Protection Coalition Foundation - Code of Conduct

Dock Management Plan

The proposed DMP is currently targeting the Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas, but the government has said publicly this will become the template for all of British Columbia’s Marine communities (Salt and Freshwater). It is touted as an environmental safeguard, and stands in stark contrast to its intended purpose. The time to act is now, before the DMP is finalized and an implementation precedent is established. The report that the government is using to support its initiative, regarding the environmental aspect of this policy is flawed and written in the best interests of the policy itself. In one area alone, if implemented, an estimated 75-90% of commercial and private dock owners would be compelled to replace their docks at the end of their existing tenures, resulting in the creation of hundreds of thousands of cubic meters of waste destined for landfills, along with the destruction of hundreds if not thousands of aquatic life habitats. The consequential movement of anchors and pilings to accommodate the replacement docks would have a devastating effect on marine wildlife, disrupting ecosystems and endangering vital species on the seafloor. It is unfortunate that our government chose specific areas of the environment to support that is nothing more than a political agenda.


In April 2015, the province released a Draft Dock Management Plan (“ DMP”) for Pender Harbour.  The DMP imposed strict restrictions on foreshore leases and renewals of existing leases. The DMP was withdrawn due to public outcry and in November 2015 former AG Barry Penner, K.C., was retained by the Province to undertake an independent review of the Draft DMP. His comprehensive report (the “Penner Report”) included 13 recommendations which were never addressed by the province. The Penner Report  is referenced in the June, 2016 Gov to Gov agreement.

In October of 2018, the Foundation Agreement was signed with the province and the Sechelt Nation, essentially forming a joint working group to oversee foreshore leases and dock management in Pender Harbour. The Community has been trying to work with the province since 2015 to find a workable solution (see the timeline).

In 2019, the community retained experts directly refuting the science behind the DMP and sent the reports to the province (environmental, engineering and safety report) but received no response. The Province has not adequately disclosed Scientific, environmental and engineering studies supporting the DMP. 

On November 24, 2023, the province released new proposed amendments allegedly based on a new engineering report the government commissioned.  Under the new proposed amendments, the Penner Report recommendations and concerns of the community were not addressed. In addition the new amendments expanded the affected region to include virtually the entire Sunshine Coast (including freshwater lakes), impose retroactive dock size restrictions, and ban all boathouses regardless of previous tenure status. The Province has provided a very short window for public comments.

How You Can Help:

Your generous support will directly impact our ability to achieve these goals locally and eventually nationwide. Together, by engaging with all affected stakeholders, we can make a long-term difference in our marine community that is fair and sustainable.

For donations greater than $5,000, please contact us to obtain transfer details. Thank you for any and all donations!