On Friday April 26, 2024, Minister Cullen & Minister Rankin arrived on the Coast to meet with the shíshálh Nation, SCRD and some of the DMPAG group.  They visited Pender Harbour for a tour of the waterfront, and attended a DMPAG meeting in Sechelt where WPC and swiya Lakes Stewardship Alliance presented our recommendations. We are hopeful that those in attendance have a better understanding of our members’ concerns with the DMP. Minister Cullen posted on X about the visit and “seeing the encouraging work being done”.  

In tandem, the commercial Marina WPC Chair has recently had a meeting with the government and presented their concerns regarding the DMP. 

Alongside these efforts, our communications team has been focusing on continuing to build awareness. Part of this process is documenting stories from our community, capturing video footage, informing decision makers, and creating multimedia for circulation. It took us a few weeks to complete the initial video edits, but we now have the first few snippets published for you, our members, to view.  

Thank you to everyone who volunteered to support us and was willing to appear on camera. We are so proud of how this first batch of content has turned out and how our community has rallied together regarding our docks.

Our first release of videos:

Stay tuned for future updates on this front, as we continue to assemble more content. We hope the government reviews our position and commits to grandfathering (amnesty) of existing docks and boathouses soon.  

All dock owners deserve an opportunity to have their voices heard, their concerns addressed, and clarity on the tenure process moving forward.  

Please consider donating to the WPC. Your donations empower our efforts and afford us the opportunity and flexibility needed to best represent our members. Thank you!

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