We have some positive news for our members on the SCRD Riparian and Shoreline Bylaw Amendments we communicated about earlier this week. The public hearing originally scheduled for Monday June 24, 2024 has been postponed. The SCRD published a news release with additional information on the reason for postponement.  

Release Excerpt - Postponement: 

A key part of this public hearing has been an opportunity for residents to ask questions prior to the hearing taking place. The Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD) has received a considerable number of questions related to the proposed amendments to the bylaw.

As a result, the SCRD will host a public information meeting prior to the rescheduled public hearing. This will ensure that these questions can be answered before the public hearing takes place.

We would like to thank those of you who took the time to contact the SCRD and voice your concerns about these proposed amendments. Given the questions raised and the lack of clarity on important details, we are pleased to see the SCRD opting to better consult with the public on this matter before moving forward.

Release Excerpt - Submissions:

If you have already provided a written submission for the public hearing that was scheduled for Monday, June 24, it is still valid and will form part of the public record for the rescheduled public hearing.

Dates for both the public information meeting and rescheduled public hearing will be provided early next week on the SCRD Website and via the SCRD Facebook Page.

We would therefore continue to recommend members consider submitting questions and comments to the SCRD via email: publichearings@scrd.ca.

Thank you for your continued support!