The Waterfront Protection Coalition (WPC) is a group of volunteers representing thousands of BC citizens affected by unjust government policies and legislation impacting both tidal and freshwater communities. We are advocating for fair consultation and representation on the proposed Dock Management Plan (DMP) and amendments to the Land Act.

Our goal is to work alongside First Nations, the Province, and key stakeholder groups to find a path forward in the short term, and reach long-term solutions to meet the needs of future generations.

Our Mission and the DMP | Code of Conduct

The BC government has decided not to proceed with their proposed Land Act amendments for this legislative session. However, it is possible that this could be revisited after this year’s election. The statement released did not mention the DMP, so its fate remains a question mark over our heads. Our work isn’t over yet. 
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Here you will find media and political coverage relevant to the DMP. Please note that the opinions expressed on this page may differ from those of the WPC, but our goal is to ensure the general public is aware of all news and events, as they unfold. Media Coverage: Comment:

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