It’s been a busy week in the media. People across BC are talking about the government's closed-door, non-consultative dealings regarding the Dock Management Plan (DMP). The DMP and proposed amendments to the Land Act go hand-in-hand, with the DMP being essentially a test case for other proposed joint decision-making agreements across BC’s resource sectors, parks and tenures. We are actively working to educate and unite stakeholders from across the province under one voice. Thank you for everything you are doing. It is working. 

To stay informed we will be updating our News and Media page frequently.

Action Items

1. Submit Your feedback on the Dock Management Plan:
The deadline is fast approaching! The government is accepting feedback until February 16th, 2024.
Government Comment Portal: here 
Send a copy to: WLRS.minister@gov.bc.capremier@gov.bc.caYOUR MLAYOUR MP
Letter Templates/How To can be found here.

2. Submit feedback on the proposed Land Act Amendments
Land Act Government site with instructions here
Email: and 
Send a copy to: premier@gov.bc.caYOUR MLAYOUR MP
Letters can’t be templated so it has to come from the heart

3. Donate and become a member of WPC:

4. Join the Boat Show this week in Vancouver Many of us will be there! Get tickets here. 

5. Last day for Pender Harbour Residents to appeal their property taxes
Many of us have, but we are cautioning that this is an individual choice and if you can’t prove this your property assessment could be restructured up. Appeal here. 

Thanks for your support and generous donations. 

We are so encouraged by our community. You have energized all of us and we will continue working hard on this issue for everyone.

Here are a few of the media stories we wanted to highlight:

Vaughn Palmer: B.C. NDP quietly consult on sweeping changes to managing public lands
Opinion: Timeline suggests government has already decided how it will co-manage lands with Indigenous governments
Vaughn Palmer: Changes to Land Act are huge, despite B.C. minister’s claims
Opinion: Nathan Cullen suggests the pending change is no big deal, flowing naturally from the passage, back in 2019, of the Declaration Act.
B.C. seeks to amend the Land Act | Watch News Videos Online
Watch B.C. seeks to amend the Land Act Video Online, on
Debate intensifies over plan to share B.C. Crown land decisions with Indigenous representatives
The NDP government is planning some major changes to the way decisions are made when it comes to public land use in B.C.
BC Government Consulting on New Law to Give Indigenous Groups Control over Crown Land Decisions
The Government of BC is seeking to amend the Land Act to provide decision making power over Crown land to Indigenous groups.
B.C. prepares legislation to share decision-making power with Indigenous groups over public lands
The proposed amendments to the Land Act will allow for joint statutory authority over new projects that require Crown tenure