Who We Are

The Waterfront Protection Coalition (WPC) is a group of volunteers representing thousands of BC citizens affected by unjust government policies and legislation impacting both tidal and freshwater communities.

Our combined coalition currently represents thousands of constituents potentially affected by the proposed dock management plan, and our goal is to be the advocate for all waterfront communities who face similar unfair legislation without representation.

Our Mission

We oppose the DMP and similar policies due to their lack of sufficient community consultation, disregard for environmental sustainability, lack of scientific evidence, and the negative economic impacts associated with implementation and compliance. Our platform is a beacon for those affected, offering updates, information sharing, and avenues for community engagement​​.

Why Act Now?

With the BC government's pause on proposed Land Act amendments, but silence on the Dock Management Plan (DMP), our communities face ongoing uncertainty. The government's failure to engage meaningfully or consider the impacts on thousands of residents and businesses underscores the importance of our advocacy.

The DMP poses a real threat to coastal and waterfront living, risking our access, our docks, and our way of life. Now, more than ever, we must unite to push for transparency, inclusivity, and policies that respect the needs of all stakeholders. Our efforts are crucial to ensure that future decisions are made with our voices heard.

Take Action

Donate: Support our cause and help us advocate for a fair, transparent, and inclusive process. Every contribution brings us closer to preserving our waterfronts for future generations.

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Join Us: Your support, whether through donations, advocacy, or simply spreading the word, is vital. Together, we can make a difference.