The government has just published additional information about the DMP on the Pender Harbour Project Website. Their accompanying press release can be found here, along with a summary of the updates in response to the received feedback. 

Excerpt from the Government release:

"...Over time, dock owners will need to demonstrate consistency with the goals of the dock management plan, and as they make improvements to their docks, these will need to be done in keeping with the best management practices. Consistent with provincial policy, no new boathouses will be allowed on private moorages."

For private dock owners in saltwater, the following will be put in place:

  • Owners of existing tenured docks and boathouses will be able to apply for renewal as currently built.
  • Owners of existing untenured docks will be able to apply for tenure under flexible guidelines.
  • Owners of existing untenured boathouses will be able to apply for tenure as currently built.
  • For new private dock applicants, we propose to update the guidelines (known as Best Management Practices) to provide more flexibility.
  • In addition to added flexibility, we plan to make these specific enhancements:
    • A maximum dock length will be set at the provincial maximum – 60M – with a preference for a 50M length.
    • Docks can have a total area of 30M2 or a maximum width of 1.5M.
    • New or replacement decking must use products that allow for a minimum 43% light penetration.

For private dock owners in freshwater:

  • The application of the dock management plan will be paused. During that time, further studies will be done, and engagement will be undertaken, to understand the impact of docks in the freshwater environment and to consider revisions to the Plan. BC and shishalh will communicate closely and often with freshwater dock owners throughout the swiya.
  • Existing tenured and untenured dock owners in freshwater will be given the same opportunities to apply for tenures that are available for saltwater docks.
  • No new docks tenures will be considered in freshwater until studies are complete.
  • Owners of existing untenured boathouses will be able to apply for tenure as currently built.
  • As per provincial policy, new boathouses will not be allowed in freshwater.

For commercial dock owners:

  • We propose to update the Best Management Practices to provide more flexibility, which will allow for a diversity of commercial operations.
  • We will not implement maximum length limitations for commercial docks.

We will review and provide our analysis over the coming days, however we wanted you to hear about this as soon as we were made aware of this. If you have specific concerns or identify an area of concern that affects you, please email your thoughts to us. We will be collecting feedback and will be in touch. 

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